My paintings are composed of dreamy landscapes depicting current memories of experienced nature as I pass through it in my daily life in upstate NY.  They are both rich utopian versions of nature, and records of changing climate. Orange skies due to fires, and fallen trees eaten alive by the Emerald borer are often my subject matter.  I paint invasive vines as they tangle and engulf other species in the woods. I look to the heavens and night sky for relief. These themes are also metaphors for my emotions, and a veil for another dimension that I find myself in when I paint.  They are happenings we do not see, a mysterious biological underworld that is in fact deeply connected to us.  By intrinsically bringing these two worlds together, the grounded and the conjured, I forge forward to create new surreal images of present time.  My tools are thick layers of hyper rich oil paint painted with palette knives, combined with a subconscious communication of intuitive utterance stimulated by an otherworldly place. I surrender to earth’s beauty as a way to make a painting.